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Beverages and Weight Loss

Daily Water Intake for Weight Loss

The best diet drink out there costs pennies, is proven to help you shed those unwanted pounds and you already have it in your kitc...

How to Lose Weight With Lemons, Limes, Oranges & Grapefruit Juice

Juicing fresh lemons and limes and eating ripe oranges and grapefruits may not feel like dieting. But they're loaded with fiber wh...

Can You Lose Weight by Drinking Red Wine?

Compared to other alcoholic beverages, red wine doesn’t suffer much of an image problem – recent headlines have credit...

Does Drinking Water & Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Forget diet pills, vigorous workouts and food deprivation. Without giving up any of your favorite foods or spending a single minu...

Giving Up Alcohol & Weight Loss

There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation. There are even a growing number of studies that show that moderate alc...

Soy Milk for Weight Loss

Eat more soy. That's firm weight-loss advice from Tosca Reno, author of "The Eat-Clean Diet" and the fab-40 columnist for "Oxygen"...

Does Coffee Prevent Weight Loss?

People wake up each morning to the smell of hot coffee brewing. Coffee and the caffeine it contains offer a tasty way to kick-star...

How to Shed Water Weight

Water weight, water retention or edema all describe the bloated feeling when your body holds excess water in the tissues. Water we...

Cold Milk for Weight Loss

Milk, the life-sustaining fluid produced by all mammals, has nourished humanity for more than 7,000 years. Now, milk is attracting...

Weight Loss With Caffeine & Aspirin

Caffeine and aspirin were once used in combination with ephedrine in dietary supplements for weight loss. They're also found t...
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