Can You Drink Vitamin Water Zero While Pregnant?

Caffeine during pregnancy should be limited, so drinking vitamin water Zero may have to be limited, too.
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Pregnancy comes with a whole list of foods and drinks to avoid, and keeping up with the recommendations can be confusing. The ingredients in Vitamin Water Zero are safe for people who are pregnant, but consumption of the caffeine-containing variety should be limited. Always consult your doctor if you have concerns about whether a specific product is right for you.



Proper hydration during pregnancy is vital for both mother and infant. Water is needed to support the increase in blood volume and maintain kidney and liver function in the mother and developing baby. Poor hydration causes fatigue and contributes to constipation, preterm labor contractions and miscarriage. For women who don't enjoy plain water, a low-calorie, flavored water such as Vitamin Water Zero can help prevent the dangers of dehydration.


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Artificial Sweetener

Vitamin Water Zero contains stevia, a calorie-free sweetener. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has deemed stevia safe for consumption by people who are pregnant. Since Vitamin Water Zero contains no sugar, it is a good choice for women seeking to control blood sugar levels and a sugar-free alternative to juices and sodas.


One flavor of Vitamin Water does contain caffeine. The Energy, or tropical citrus, variety includes 82 mg of caffeine in each 500 ml bottle. This is equivalent to the amount of caffeine in approximately two 12 oz. sodas. People who are pregnant should limit caffeine consumption and might want to avoid the Energy flavor of Vitamin Water or drink it only in moderation.


Other Considerations

Although Vitamin Water Zero contains significant amounts of some essential vitamins and minerals, it should not be used as a substitute for a prenatal vitamin. recommends that all women take a daily prenatal throughout pregnancy and, if possible, during the three months prior to conception.




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