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As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and may start to sag. One of the most common areas this occurs in is around the neck and chin. You might even experience a "double-chin" look. The Neckline Slimmer is an exercise tool designed to help tone up this area and make you look younger as a result. However, there is a lack of evidence that this system actually provides any real results. Other methods might be more conducive to your efforts of attaining a more beautiful neck.

Purported Benefits

The Slimmer is held at the bottom of your chin and against the neck. It uses an up and down motion combined with resistance to help tone the muscles in that area. The Neckline Slimmer official website promises noticeable results by using the product two minutes a day. Users supposedly experience lifted skin as well as diminished wrinkles and fine lines. The product is marketed as a less expensive and a pain-free alternative to plastic surgery.

Lack of Evidence

The Neckline Slimmer was developed by Paul Younane, a physiotherapist. This is the only credibility the device has. It is not backed by medical professionals. Furthermore, it may not produce the benefits it claims. According to, exercising the muscles in the neck area get rid of fat or tighten loose skin.


The Neckline Slimmer system is advertised at a price of $19.99 plus shipping and handling. The official product website states that this package includes the Slimmer, its storage bag, a DVD and three levels of resistance springs. You progress from one spring to the next as you become stronger and more accustomed to the exercises. Although the price seems reasonable, there are a couple of additional costs that may not be clear to the consumer. First, the initial shipping charges are based on a flat rate as well as how far you live from the distribution center. Also the official Neckline Slimmer website says that the package includes a firming cream that you use in conjunction with the slimmer. You get the cream free but you have to pay an additional $7.95 for the shipping. Unfortunately, you are stuck buying the cream whether you want to or not.


The Neckline Slimmer should not be relied upon for dramatic results. Sagging skin in the neck is a naturally part of the aging process. Some lifestyle choices early in life such as a healthy diet and regular exercise may minimize the effects. Premature sagging skin can also be hereditary. Losing weight will help you lose some of the excess fat around the neck. Although you perform exercises with the Neckline Slimmer, these are not the same as fat-burning cardiovascular exercises. Consumers provide mixed reviews of the product's effectiveness. If you have deep concerns about the appearance of your neck and chin area, consider consulting a surgeon.

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