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Upper Body Exercises

13 Press Variations for a Crazy Strong Upper Body

Although the bench press may be a universal benchmark for lifters, it shouldn’t be the sole focus of your upper-body routine....

Ellen DeGeneres Has Created a Badass New Workout With Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia stopped by 'The Ellen Show' and the pair demonstrated the ultimate partner workout....

How One Little Girl Can Do More Pull-Ups Than Most Guys

One fitness enthusiast is helping his young niece with resistance training. Watch her transformation while doing pull-ups. ...

Facial Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises --- those in which your muscles contract without lengthening or shortening --- can be used even in your face, ...

Bicep Exercises With a Cable Machine

Dumbbells and barbells aren't for everyone. You might have an injury that limits your range of motion or simply find that free wei...

Ways to Improve Team Spirit

When it’s halftime and your team is down against a big-time opponent, sometimes teaching X's and O's won’t mak...

Pronated Vs. Supinated Pull-Ups

Pronated and supinated pull-ups are excellent exercises that target the upper body for muscle growth. Pronation and supination ref...

Top Rated Pop Up Canopy Tents

Pop-up canopy tents are multipurpose temporary shelters. The frame collapses and expands by pulling and pushing, and the canopy st...

Tennis Elbow Exercises

If you think only tennis players get tennis elbow, think again. Painters, carpenters and plumbers can also develop this painful co...

How to Lose a Double Chin Fast

A double chin occurs when the platysma muscle becomes slack and loses mass. This can make you appear to be middle aged, and also r...
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