Russian Special Forces Strength Training

Tap into historical military methods with Russian Special Forces strength training.
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Russian Special Forces military preparation involves more than typical strength and fitness drills. Russian Special Forces training develops flexibility, speed and strength for power, using techniques that incorporate a variety of cultural and historical military methods. For a workout based on Russian Special Forces strength training techniques, start with training maneuvers such as kettlebell drills that build muscle and stamina to develop fitness prowess and power.


Special Forces Training

Russian Special Forces strength training and techniques, including martial arts training, developed using influences of many military and self-defense preparation programs from various cultures within Russia's historical reign and reach, according to Tactical Military MilSim. Under the USSR, Special Forces developed keen fighting techniques rooted in Russian, Chinese and European self-defense and strength training methods. Both U.S. and U.K. military personnel have taken part in Russian Special Forces training, even before the collapse of the USSR. Much of this training information is now published on the Internet, so anyone can work out and build muscle based on Russian Special Forces strength training techniques.


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Russian kettlebells are used extensively in Russian military training. Kettlebells are basically cannonball-shaped hand weights with an attached handle. They come in a variety of weights, and when used as part of a regular strength training routine help to increase muscle, stamina and flexibility. You can build your abs and core, chest, shoulders, arms and legs with kettlebell strength training. Russian Special Forces personnel pride themselves on their "wiry strength, lethal agility" and consistent staying power, according to the Russian Kettlebell Club of Fresno. The soldiers attribute their superb physical condition and performance ability to advanced kettlebell drills and training.


Martial Arts

Strength training is an essential component of martial arts training in the Russian Special Forces. Drills are based on the philosophy that a combination of strength and speed is needed to develop true fighting power. Striking with this type of power will surprise and quickly defeat your enemy. This strength and speed technique evolved from the fighting methods of the Russian Cossacks, warriors of Ukraine and Southern Russia known historically for their fierce and powerful battle methods, according to Tactical Military MilSim and "History Magazine."



Russian Special Forces agents develop speed, strength and power through flexibility training. Without flexibility, you don't have the agility to strike with the lightning speed and force you need to conquer opponents. Finding the proper balance between relaxation and power is the way the Russian Cossacks practiced and achieved near-perfect flexibility and precision, according to Martial Studies. They trained by repetitively "cutting into water with their sabers" while keeping muscles completely relaxed, and then tensing them only on the strike moment. Russian Special Forces training employs similar methods to train personnel in flexibility for strength training. Flexibility is also taught and developed through kettlebell drills.



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