Typical Number of Members of a Gold's Gym

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How many people are milling around your gym?
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Originating from a single Venice Beach gym opened by Joe Gold in 1965, Gold's Gym has since expanded to become the world's largest chain of co-ed gyms. With more than 3 million members at more than 700 locations worldwide, that would mean that each gym has an average of 4,200 members.

Size and Location

But there's a downside to this calculation. The average number of members per Gold's franchise is calculated as the approximate number of members divided by the number of locations worldwide.

As such, the average of approximately 5,000 members per gym does not take into account differences in the size and location of the gym, nor does it account for differences in the city in which it is located. The number of members will be more or less than 5,000 with changes in these variables.

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Local Information

While the above approximations are intended to reflect member attrition and inactive members, the best way to determine the number of members at a Gold's Gym is to ask at a specific location.

With loyalty programs in place to encourage regular visits and membership renewals, each location maintains statistics on total, active and loyal members. As such, an individual location's number of loyal or long-term members is the best indication of that location's active membership.

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