Is Hummus Allowed for South Beach Diet Phase 1?

Bowl of humus with olive oil, olives and spices
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The South Beach diet plan involves a three-phase process where you focus on replacing unhealthy fats with healthier fats, "bad" carbohydrates with "good" carbs and add in lean protein. The first phase is the most restrictive. During Phase 1, you limit certain carbohydrates and aim to consume vegetables, beans, nuts, low-fat dairy, and unsaturated oils like olive oil. You'll avoid starches such as pasta, breads, crackers and sugary foods.


Dive Right In

If you love hummus, the good news is you can still enjoy this Mediterranean-style spread while on Phase 1. However, there are guidelines for you to be aware of. You're likely used to consuming hummus with crackers or flatbread, but those are off-limits during Phase 1. Instead, enjoy your hummus with fresh cut vegetables such as carrots and celery. In addition, hummus is made using olive oil, which is healthy, but requires thoughtful portioning. A serving of hummus on Phase 1 is limited to two ounces.

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