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Healthy Diet

How to Lose Weight By Eating With Chopsticks

Using two skinny sticks doesn't seem like the most efficacious way to get food into your mouth, but if you're trying to lo...

Can You Eat the Same Thing Every Day and Lose Weight?

“It’s not what you do once in a while, it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.” ...

The Truth About Canola Oil

Maybe you’ve heard from friends, read the articles or seen the videos. Canola, they say, is harmful. Some even claim it̵...

Should I Be Eating Soy?

It happens again and again. There is a food that the public eats — one that mankind has consumed for a very long time. Som...

Should You Be Snacking?

“Eat three squares a day.” “No, have five mini meals every two to three hours.” To snack or not to snack — which is it? ...

How the 5th Flavor Can Help You Lose Weight

Recently coined the “fifth taste,” umami may help with weight loss according to science. Research shows umami may help us lose...

How the Timing of Your Lunch Order Affects Weight Gain

A new study shows that you may be able to reduce your calorie intake by ordering lunch sooner, instead of waiting until you're hun...

Mariah Carey Eats Only These Two Foods to Lose Weight!?

Mariah Carey recently opened up about how she gets svelte on E!News shocking us all with her painfully specific diet. How specific...

Blake Lively Inspires Us to Start Our New Year's Diet Early

Blake Lively’s has declared she isn’t going to slack off a minute longer — inspiring all of us to start our New Year’s di...

Did This Discovery Just Disprove the Paleo Diet?

New scientific discovery shows that we may have been wrong about what prehistoric man ate. In fact, the original paleo diet may ha...
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