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How to Use a Spring Exercise Chest Expander Puller

author image Rose Erickson
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How to Use a Spring Exercise Chest Expander Puller
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The chest expander puller is a piece of exercise equipment that was invented in the 1800’s. The device is made up of two handles connected by coils of springs that provide resistance. Present-day chest expander pullers are made with adjustable rubber cables rather than metal springs. The chest expander is compact, easy to use and works your muscles harder because you can move with greater range of motion than traditional weights or exercise machines. For best results, aim for eight repetitions of each chest expander exercise two nonconsecutive days a week.

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Bountiful Back Exercises

Work the back with the chest opener exercise. Hold the chest expander handles in each hand. Keeping your arms straight, lift them at chest level. Open your arms and pull them back as far as you can without bending your elbows. Keep your arms straight and at chest level throughout the entire exercise. Or do the pulling strap exercise placing the chest expander on the floor and lying face down so that your stomach is on the center of the puller. Hold on to each handle and lift both your arms straight out to your sides. Raise your chest off the floor as you stretch the chest expander. Return to the floor and repeat.

Chiseled Chest Exercises

Target your chest with the lying chest press exercise. Lie on your back with the chest expander positioned beneath you so that you are lying on the middle of the cables. Grab the handles with each hand and press one arm straight up toward the ceiling. Lower your arm to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. You can also do crossovers by securing the center of the chest expander around a stationary post or pole. Grasp the handles and turn around so that your back is facing the pole. Step forward until there is tension in the puller. Lift your arms out to your sides at chest-height and then bring your palms together in front of your chest in a hugging motion. Keep your arms straight throughout the entire exercise.

Amazing Arm Exercises

Work your biceps by doing the bicep curl exercise. Hook one of the chest expander handles around your right foot. Hold the other handle with your right hand, palm facing up. Bend your right elbow and curl your hand upward until it touches your chest or shoulder. Lower your arm back to the starting position and repeat. Or work your triceps muscles with the triceps press exercise. Grasp the handles of the chest expander, palms facing your body. Lift the expander up overhead. Bend both of your elbows into 90-degree angles out to your sides and allow the tubing to go behind your head. Keeping your upper arms motionless, straighten your arms until they are pointing straight out to your sides. Bend your elbows and return to the starting position.

Tips and Tricks

Work at your own pace and fitness level. Adjust the cables of the chest expander as needed. For example, remove one or two of the cables if you need to lower the intensity of your workout. Exercise with all three cables if you need to boost the intensity of each exercise. Move slowly and with control when using the chest expander. Abrupt movements can cause you to lose your grip on one of the handles, which can result in injury.

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