How to Play Right Midfield in Soccer

Right midfield is a tiring position, so you need good stamina.
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If you are asked to play right midfield in soccer, your team is playing a 4-4-2 formation with four defenders, four midfielders and two attackers. You are playing on the right side of the four attackers. You need good stamina, positional discipline and the ability to pass as well as tackle. You will be required to help the right back in defense duties, but also push forward, support the central attackers, supply crosses into the box, play through balls to forwards and contribute with your fair share of goals.



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Step 1

Stay on the right-hand side of the pitch. You must be tactically astute. At times you may be required to move into a central position to break down an opposition attack or to support your team's offensive players, but for the majority of the game you must hug the right touchline. Your teammates count on you to offer width to the team.

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Step 2

Find space to offer your teammates an outlet. When somebody on your team is in possession of the ball and looks up to play a pass, you should always be free.

Step 3

Communicate with your teammates. Shout for the ball when your team is in possession. If your team is losing, boost morale by encouraging teammates.

Step 4

Run with the ball at defenders when possible. Defenders generally do not like somebody dribbling at them quickly, as they are susceptible to panicking and giving away free kicks, or to letting the attacker past.


Step 5

Look for through balls. For much of the game, you will be forced to pass sideways or even backward, but the key passes you will play will be to forwards running past the opposition defenders. Try to pass the ball between or over opposition defenders, anticipating the run your teammate has made off the ball.

Step 6

Cross the ball into the box when possible. You must provide the team with width, and you will often be in possession of the ball in an advanced position on the right-hand side of the pitch. Aim for the head or feet of teammates in the box, generally getting as much pace on the ball as possible.


Step 7

Shoot if you get a clear sight at goal and none of your teammates is in a better position. When cutting in from the right-hand side, try to shoot across the goalkeeper into the far post area, as goalkeepers cut off the angle and are rarely beaten at their near post areas. Aim for the bottom or top corner of the goal, and shoot as hard as you can because you may cause the goalkeeper to spill the ball, allowing a teammate to score on the rebound.

Things You'll Need

  • Soccer boots

  • Shin pads

  • Soccer strip


The midfield in soccer is often called the engine room. As a right midfielder, you are a vital cog in the team. You must defend, attack and link the two areas. You will require excellent stamina as a right midfielder. Make sure you undertake lots of cardiovascular training and drink plenty of water during matches.


You will require strong all-round skills in this position. A poor right midfielder will never tackle or help his right back. An equally poor right midfielder will never get forward or score goals. Tackling, passing, dribbling, crossing and shooting are all key skills to learn. Do not neglect any of these when training.