How to Reset the Hypothalamus for Weight Loss

Omega-3 capsules can help reset the hypothalamus.
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The hypothalamus is an area of the brain that produces hormones involved in regulating hunger and thirst, among other sensations. The hypothalamus is considered a part of the nervous system. Supplying the hypothalamus with nutrients that are supportive of cognitive function may help to increase its functionality. The hypothalamus is also related to thyroid function, which controls metabolism and is linked to effectiveness of weight loss efforts.


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Consult a physician before taking any steps to increase hypothalamus function. Talking with a physician can help you to determine possible hypothalamus problems, which may contradict your desire to reset the hypothalamus for weight loss. Get approval to take supplements that could affect the hypothalamus and its effectiveness.

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Take B vitamins. Vitamin B-complex supplements are effective in supporting cognitive function. These vitamins support not only nervous system function but also play a role in carbohydrate metabolism. Food sources of B-complex vitamins include chicken, fish, beef, pork, eggs and dairy.

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Consume foods or supplements with EFAs. EFAs, also known as essential fatty acids, omega-3 fats or polyunsaturated fatty acids, increase nervous system function and improve mood disorders. Because they are supportive of the nervous system and cognitive function, it is thought that they are also supportive of the health of the hypothalamus and its action in producing hunger-regulating hormones. Foods high in EFAs are freshwater fish, nuts and seeds. Alternatively, EFAs can be taken supplementally in omega-3 caps or liquid fish oil.


Talk to a physician before taking any supplements to avoid any health complications.

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