Duration for Plank Exercises

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For such a simple exercise, planks target key points of your body.
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Planks are a great exercise to tone various parts of your body. To get the best boost from this exercise, you have to time it just right. This exercise can test your resolve, but staying in the position makes sure you get the benefits it is designed for. It won't take long to feel the burn of the plank and the boost in your body.

Stiff As a Board

Even for the short amount of time you stay in the plank exercise, your body is engaged through your arms, chest and core. To do the exercise, simply lift yourself onto your arms so that your hands and toes touch the floor, keeping your body aligned from head to toe. The recommended duration for your planks, as proposed by Yoga Journal, is 30 second to one minute for each set. If you are just starting a fitness routine, you may want to shoot for 30 seconds. If you've been in the fitness game for a while, go for the gold with a one minute plank. To reduce your plank's intensity, hold the position on your elbows, knees or both, keeping the same duration as in the common plank. For a challenge and added hamstring benefits, you can do the around the world plank, in which you move your hands out and in and alternate raising your legs.

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