4 Liquids You Can Cook Pasta in That Aren't Plain Water

Pasta can be cooked in liquids other than water.
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Learning how to cook pasta is one of the first lessons most away-from-home college students learn as a matter of survival. Sometimes, culinary experimentation is pursued, owing to enthusiasm or boredom.


The discovery that pasta can be cooked in liquids other than water is liberating to both chef and palate. But, like all life lessons, there are basic rules to follow to ensure the best results. The trick is to know which liquids will enhance the flavor of the final dish without getting lost or overpowering the other ingredients.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pasta of choice

  • Cooking vessel

  • Water

  • Broth

  • Tomato or clam juice

  • Seasonings to taste

1. Stock

Substitute water with chicken, beef or vegetable stock to cook pasta. Alternately, you can top off a pan of boiling water with a cup or two of broth or stock. The pasta will still soak up the extra flavor, and you'll save money and have more broth or stock on hand to use another day.



Don't cook pasta in broth or stock if you’re going to finish the dish with a heavy sauce, because the flavor of the broth will be wasted.

2. Vegetable Soup or Stew

Toss a handful of pasta into a simmering pan of vegetable soup or stew. In this case, the pasta is an addition to the whole dish as it cooks and won't be drained or separated from the other ingredients. Use only the amount of pasta needed to round out the dish and cook the pasta al dente, or tender to the bite.

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3. Water and Tomato Juice

Cook your pasta in a combination of water and tomato juice. This is a great way to get some extra vitamin C into your meal and the flavor sets the stage for other vegetables in the finished dish. Similarly, if you're preparing a meal that features pasta and seafood, add a bit of clam juice and freshly squeezed lemon juice to the cooking water.


4. Water With Herbs or Spices

Enhance the flavor of the cooking liquid with herbs and spices, even if it's just plain water. Toss in lemon wedges, whole garlic cloves or sprigs of fresh rosemary. Or enhance the flavor of vermicelli with red pepper flakes, fettuccini with cumin or linguine with curry powder, all of which can be added to the cooking liquid.


Don’t cook pasta in hot water from the tap, as this can impart a bitter flavor and doesn’t really save time. Drizzle olive oil over cooked pasta to keep it from sticking.



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