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Cooking Pasta

1 Cup of Penne Pasta Nutrition Information

Penne pasta is a type of macaroni formed into two-inch long, tubular shapes. They are also known as mostaccioli. according to All ...

Calories in Pasta With Pesto

Pesto means paste, and interestingly, so does the word pasta. Pesto refers to a paste of herbs, nuts and oil used to flavor foods....

Calories in Spinach Pasta

Spinach pasta is a popular addition to many Italian-style dishes. Spinach pasta is low in calories and relatively low in carbohydr...

The Calories in Pasta Carbonara

Traditional pasta carbonara uses raw egg, pancetta, parmesan cheese and cracked black pepper to create a sauce. This classic bacon...

Orzo Pasta Nutrition

When choosing pasta, size often matters -- your recipe may call for pasta for use as a broad base for thick sauces or melted chees...

How to Cook Noodles in a Wok

For everyday cooking, few methods are faster or easier than cooking in a wok. A wok is a Chinese skillet with a narrow base and hi...

How to Cook a Costco Lasagna

Costco, the members-only wholesale club, sells two types of frozen lasagna under their store brand, Kirkland's Signature, and occa...

How to Cook Spaghetti Using a Pasta Pot & Colander Insert

The colander insert you find along with pasta pots is supposed to make draining the pasta much easier than holding the pot over a ...

How to Cook Pasta Shells

Cooking pasta shells is a great start to a simple, nutritious meal. Pasta shell recipes include using small shells in casseroles a...

How to Cook Frozen Pasta

Frozen pasta is a fast and convenient ingredient to have on hand for those nights when you need a healthy meal in a hurry. Serving...
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