How Many Jumping Jacks Do You Have to Do Daily to Lose Weight?

Daily jumping jacks are a full body workout that may lead to weight loss.
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Blast calories with a full body, fat-burning workout, no pricey gym membership or special gear required. Jumping jacks can be done anywhere without needing any equipment and are easy to learn, making them an affordable and accessible option for all fitness levels.



Doing daily jumping jacks may also assist in weight loss when incorporated into a regular, daily workout routine.

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Jumping Jacks Kick Calories to the Curb

Jumping jacks are an efficient, full body workout that also add cardio bursts of intensity, increase the heart rate needed to accelerate weight loss. In order to shed pounds, calorie-killing cardio such as jumping jacks is required to burn fat calories.

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According to The American Council on Exercise or Ace Fitness, the jumping jack is one of the best exercises to activate every muscle within the body. It can be used as a warm-up activity, cardio exercise or as a HIIT circuit. Adding jumping jacks as a burst of cardio within a regular strength training routine ultimately can create lasting change on the body.

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Up Heart Rate With Interval Training

Breaking up workouts into high intensity circuits has multiple benefits. According to The American College of Sports Medicine, short bursts of challenging exercise can increase muscle activity and heart rate, leading to the calorie burn needed to aid in weight loss. Other benefits of high intensity circuit training are that it may help reduce insulin resistance, strengthen joints, improve posture, save time and even space, as exercises such as jumping jacks require little more than a small area.


The level of intensity within a workout can make all the difference, especially for those actively seeking to increase their fitness level or lose unwanted, extra pounds. In a moderate intensity workout, the heart rate comes up a bit but the exerciser can carry on a conversation. In a high intensity workout, the heart rate is up high, the exerciser is breathing hard, making it difficult to carry on a conversation.

The exact number of calories burned during any exercise depends on the intensity of the movement, along with the age and gender of the exerciser. Weight, height and the length of consecutive time performing activity can also impact exercise intensity level.


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Do Daily Jumping Jacks for Weight Loss

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, setting realistic goals that are specific, possible and forgiving is what leads to maintaining weight loss results. A realistic option is to incorporate jumping jacks into an already existing daily workout routine that includes a combination of cardio exercise and strength training.


Breaking up jumping jacks into smaller sessions throughout the day or performing them in bursts during interval training can help make the full body exercise more accessible and attainable. There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat, meaning that in order to lose 1 pound a week, a daily deficit of 500 calories is needed via either nutrition, exercise or a combination of both. Beginners to exercise should consider starting with a daily set of 10 jumping jacks in between other exercises, while more advanced exercisers can aim for a daily set of 25 jumping jacks.

Add jumping jacks into an existing exercise routine to tone, tighten and torch calories and watch those excess pounds slip away!




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