How to Cook Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin Steaks

While they appear to be culinary masterpieces requiring professional chef training, bacon-wrapped sirloins are actually relatively simple to prepare.
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While they appear to be culinary masterpieces requiring professional chef training, bacon-wrapped sirloins are actually relatively simple to prepare. Home cooks need just need a little patience and a reliable pair of tongs to get through the searing process.


Follow a few simple steps to impress your family or guests with a decadent steak dinner.

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Step 1: Season the Meat

Remove the sirloin steaks from the packaging and place them on a clean plate a few inches apart from each other. Season the tops of the steaks with sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, and any spices and herbs you enjoy. Flip the steaks over and repeat on the other side.

If you're watching your salt intake, pay attention to the sodium content of your seasonings. The American Heart Association recommends a daily sodium intake of no more than 2,300 milligrams.

Step 2: Prep Your Supplies

Cover your kitchen counter with several sheets of plastic wrap, using tape to hold them in place if need be. Place a few toothpicks, at least one for each steak, near your workstation.

Step 3: Lay Out the Bacon

Spread out one strip of thin bacon for each sirloin steak. Leave several inches of space in between each strip, so you have enough room to wrap.

Step 4: Wrap the Meat

Place a sirloin steak on its side along a strip of bacon, rolling it until all edges are surrounded. Secure the loose end of the bacon with a toothpick, paying special attention not to push it too far in. Repeat this process with each sirloin steak.


Step 5: Preheat the Oven

Preheat the oven to a moderately high temperature of about 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a large oven-safe stainless steel or cast iron skillet on your stove and set the temperature to a medium-high heat.

Step 6: Coat the Pan

Add about a tablespoon of butter to your pan until the bottom is evenly coated.

If you're looking for a healthier option, drizzle with olive oil instead. Butter is high in saturated fats — the "bad"kind that can contribute to heart disease, according to Mayo Clinic.


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Step 7: Place Meat in Pan

Lift each bacon-wrapped sirloin steak gently with your tongs by grasping the top and bottom — the areas that are not wrapped in bacon. Lay each steak flat in the hot pan with a few inches in between to allow for even cooking.

Step 8: Sear Your Steak

Allow the steaks to sear for about a minute or until you notice an even golden brown color. Turn the steaks over to sear the other side.


Step 9: Finish in Oven

Turn off the stove and remove the pan from the burner. Open the oven door and place the entire pan inside the oven on a middle rack. Let your bacon-wrapped steaks finish cooking in the oven for seven to 10 minutes to achieve medium-rare doneness, or longer if you prefer a more well-done steak.

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Things You'll Need

  • Sirloin steaks

  • Sea salt, cracked pepper, spices or herbs, optional

  • Plastic wrap

  • Bacon strips

  • Toothpicks

  • Skillet

  • Butter and olive oil

  • Tongs


If you like your bacon-wrapped steaks more well-done and prefer crispy bacon, sear the bacon-wrapped sides of the steaks in the skillet before placing them in the oven. You may need to hold them up with your tongs as they sear.


Check your steaks with a food probe before serving. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service suggests cooking all beef and pork dishes to 145 F to reduce the likelihood of developing a foodborne illness.

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat. Touching another food or clean surface after handling raw meat leads to cross-contamination and an increased risk of foodborne illness.