How to Cook Steak on a Baking Sheet

Cooking steak in the oven is simple.
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Most people may associate steak with grilling, however, restaurant chefs prefer the flavors that come with oven-broiled steak. The contact between a hot flat surface and a seasoned steak is ultimately what provides the steak's savory crust and juices.



Cooking steak in the oven is simple. Preheat the oven on broil, season the steak to your liking and then place it on a baking sheet and put it in!

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Grilled vs. Broiled Steak

The biggest difference in broiled steak versus grilled steak is the way it's cooked. Broiling steak in the oven means that you're cooking the meat from the top. Whereas when you grill steak, you cook it from the bottom. Based on the way it's cooked, there are slight variations in texture, color, temperatures and cooking times.

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When broiling steak, an oven's heat source could come from gas, wood or charcoal. Broiling steak gives off a nice charred, caramelized flavor. A baking sheet allows for greater surface contact, which results in seasoning flavor that's locked in. Although it doesn't give off that smokey taste from the grill, broiling is a great alternative during the winter months.

A grilled steak is similar in taste to a broiled one, except for the smokey taste that comes from the grill's mass production of smoke. It's much less soft than broiling and often has more of a burnt look and taste. In addition, since it's being cooked at a higher temperature, steaks tend to be cooked faster on the grill.

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How to Broil Steak

  1. Preheat oven to broiler setting.
  2. Use your favorite steak rub or keep it simple with salt and pepper, and season steaks on both sides.
  3. Place steak on a broiling pan and place in the oven about three-quarters of an inch from from the heat source. Depending on the cut, steaks have different cooking times: Flat Iron (8 ounce): 15-20 minutes, Shoulder Steak (1 inch): 16-21 minutes, Tenderloin (1 1/2 inches): 18-22 minutes
  4. Cook steak in oven until internal temperature reaches 145°F for medium rare. Turn once halfway through the cooking.
  5. Once finished, take steaks out of the oven and let them rest for three minutes on a cutting board.
  6. Slice steak against the grain and serve!


Health Benefits of Steak

Throughout human evolution, red meat has always been a staple in the human diet. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, when red meat is part of a healthy and varied diet, it can provide rich sources of high biological value protein and essential nutrients. Some of these nutrients are more bioavailable in red meats than in other food sources. Lean red meat contains about 23 to 28 grams of protein per 4-ounce serving.


The protein found in red meat is considered a complete protein source, which means it provides your body with all essential amino acids in the right amounts. Protein isn't just important for growing bigger muscles, it's also responsible for the growth and repair of all our tissues, organs and bones. It also facilitates oxygen and nutrient transport through your bloodstream and are essential for DNA replication, which is important for cellular turnover and your immune system.

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