Does Kiwi Burn Fat?

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Kiwi fruit provide fiber and vitamins C and K. They're also low in calories and energy density, making them a nutritious fruit choice for people trying to lose weight. Kiwi fruit don't actually burn fat, but they can help fill you up without a lot of calories, which may make it easier for you to lose weight.


Calorie and Fat Content

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Next time you need a snack or something a little sweet for dessert, consider eating kiwi fruit. A single kiwi fruit has just 42 calories, and you can eat a whole cup of kiwi fruit for 110 calories. They are also easy to fit into a low-fat diet. Each kiwi has only 0.4 gram of fat, and even a cup of kiwi fruit has less than 1 gram of fat.

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Fiber Content

A kiwi fruit contains 2.1 grams of fiber, or 8 percent of the daily value, and a cup of kiwi fruit slices has 5.4 grams, or 22 percent of the DV. People who get more fiber in their diet tend to weigh less, and fiber may also help with weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness and reducing the amount of calories you absorb, according to a review article published in "Nutrition" in March 2005.


Energy Density

Foods that are low in energy density, such as fruits and vegetables, can help you lose weight because they contain relatively few calories per gram of food. Eating these foods helps you fill up without going over your recommended daily calorie intake for weight loss. Kiwi fruit are very low in energy density, with 0.6 calorie per gram.

Weight-Loss Considerations

Simply adding kiwi fruit to your diet won't cause you to lose weight. You need to eat kiwi fruit instead of other, higher-calorie foods, preferably instead of less nutritious options, such as processed snack foods and desserts. To lose weight, you need to create an energy deficit by eating fewer calories than you use throughout your daily activities, either by eating less or exercising more. A 3,500-calorie deficit equals about 1 pound of weight loss.




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