Can Drinking Ginger Tea Cause a Miscarriage?

Tea made from ginger is possibly safe in pregnancy.

Ginger, an underground stem, can be used as a spice and to prepare tea, bread and other goods. Ginger tea is not likely to cause a miscarriage during pregnancy as long as you drink it under your doctor's supervision and do not exceed the recommended amount.


According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, ginger tea has been used to to aid with digestion and relieve headaches and the common cold. It has also been used to treat stomach ailments like diarrhea and nausea, which can be common pregnancy symptoms.



The American Pregnancy Association states that fresh ginger tea is possibly safe during pregnancy; talk to your doctor before drinking it to be sure. However, ginger tea made from dried root is not advisable during pregnancy. Read labels carefully, and if you buy a tea marketed to pregnant women that has ginger, be sure that it does not contain other herbs that are unsafe during pregnancy, like anise, nettles, rose hips and yellow dock.


If your doctor recommends that you drink ginger tea during your pregnancy, follow his recommended dose. University of Maryland Medical Center states that a common dose is 250 mg four times daily. Do not exceed 4 g of ginger in one day, including ginger found in cookies, bread and ginger ale.



You can make your own soothing tea at home by adding cinnamon or mint leaves to boiling water. You can also add fruits like lemon, lime and orange. Decaffeinated tea, such as green tea, is also safe in pregnancy in reasonable amounts.