How Does Ginger & Honey Tea Give Health Benefits?

A soothing cup of ginger tea

When used in tea, ginger, which is both a spice and an herb, can help promote good health and a sense of well-being. Adding honey to your tea will give it a soothing taste and an added antioxidant. Honey helps your body fight unwanted effects from chemicals and pollution. Honey can boost your body's immune system. Ginger and honey tea helps promote comfort and helps you on a chilly day to feel warm. Both honey and ginger in tea have health benefits.

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Stomach Upset Treatment

The University of Maryland Medical Center reports ginger can help alleviate an upset stomach. An upset stomach occurs when your stomach lining becomes irritated. The ginger soothes the lining, helping you feel less nauseated. Many people benefit from ginger tea when they suffer an upset stomach related to chemotherapy treatments. Though ginger will help you feel better, it may not stop the vomiting from occurring.


Motion Sickness Treatment

You can receive relief from motion sickness when you drink ginger tea, MedlinePlus states. The tea helps alleviate the queasy feeling in your stomach. This may help if you get motion sickness in planes, trains or cars.

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritic conditions ease when you drink honey and ginger tea. Arthritis causes inflamed joints, which causes the pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of honey and ginger tea may help the pain of arthritis decrease. You will feel less fatigued from the discomfort and will be more physically active, Gale Maleskey reports in her book, "The Definitive Guide to Health Supplements."


Fighting Infection

Ginger, when drunk in tea with honey, especially while you sit in a hot bath, induces fever. Inducing a fever helps provide recovery from an infection, remarks doctor of naturopathic medicine Jill Stansbury in Maleskey's book. Stansbury serves as assistant of botanical medicine and chairwoman at the Botanical Medicine Department at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Cold and Flu Symptom Relief

Honey calms a sore throat. It also suppresses a bothersome cough associated with the common cold or flu, Mayo Clinic reports. Taking the honey at nighttime will help you sleep through the night. Sleep aids healing.


Honey, an Antioxidant

Using honey to sweeten your ginger tea will help fight free radicals in your blood stream. Fighting free radicals, which are molecularly unstable, and keeping them from your normal cells, may help give you protection from cancer, reports. Breast and colon cancer respond to the effects of ginger. Honey helps maintain your health and build your immunity from disease.