How Can I Lose a Cup Size by Exercising?

Losing weight may help reduce your breast size.

Large breasts may not always be a desirable anatomic attribute. For some women, large breasts may be out of proportion for their body type, and may decrease self-image or self-confidence. Further, large breasts may make participating in physical activities difficult. Before considering breast reduction surgery, there are changes in your exercise habits that may help you lose a cup size. Because breast tissue includes fat, burning additional calories may help you decrease your breast size.


Step 1

Begin a daily walking program to lose a cup size with exercise.
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Begin a daily walking program to lose a cup size with exercise. Although walking will cause you to lose fat in all areas, your breasts will also become smaller. Set a goal to walk for at least 30 minutes per day five days a week. Try to walk at a slightly faster pace each time you work out.


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Step 2

Perform resistance exercises, like push-ups.
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Perform resistance exercises. Specifically, performing high repetition resistance exercises, such as push ups, biceps curls, shoulder press, lunges and calf raises, will help you burn fat and build muscle. Building muscle will help you burn calories at rest, resulting in more fat burn. Hire a personal trainer, or work with an experienced exercise partner if you are new to exercise. Include resistance training into your workouts two to three times per week.


Step 3

Join an aerobics class.
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Join an aerobics class to lose a cup size with exercise. Aerobics classes offer high intensity exercise programs that will cause you to burn more calories at a faster rate. Further, many aerobics classes offer high repetition resistance exercises to help build muscle. Participate in classes up to five times per week to reduce your breast size with exercising.


Performing push ups or other chest exercises will add muscle to your chest area to help support your breasts, but will not result in localized reduction of breast fat. Slowly increase your exercise intensity to prevent injury. Allow one day of rest between resistance training exercise days.



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