Is Isopure a Good Protein?

Isopure can benefit if you are engaged in athletic activity regularly.
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It's not always easy to get enough protein on a daily basis. According to MedlinePlus, 10 percent and 35 percent of your total daily calories should come from this muscle-building macronutrient. Isopure protein, a powdered whey-based supplement, can be a good option for those who need it.



Whey protein is a good option for building muscle, and Isopure offers a sugar-free option to assist with weight loss, along with plant-based options for vegetarians. However, the National Kidney Foundation says those with kidney disease may want to avoid Isopure due to the higher amount of protein per serving.

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What Is Isopure Protein?

Isopure protein is one of the few protein powders on the market made with 100 percent whey protein isolate. According to the Whey Protein Institute, whey protein is made during the cheese production process. After adding special enzymes to the milk, the liquid whey separates from the curds. The liquid is pasteurized and then dried into a powder.


Protein isolate is the purest supplement, as it contains 90 to 95 percent protein, with up to 1 percent lactose and 1 percent fat. Whey protein concentrate, on the other hand, contains 25 to 89 percent protein, 4 to 52 percent lactose and between 1 and 9 percent fat.

Isopure protein offers a variety of protein powder options to fit various diets and needs, including:


  • Low- and zero-carb options for those on a ketogenic or other low-carbohydrate diet
  • A natural option, free from artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
  • An unflavored option, good for making recipes with extra protein
  • Higher-protein products for those trying to increase muscle mass
  • Vegan-friendly protein powder for those who don't eat any animal products

To use Isopure, mix one scoop of protein powder with water, juice or milk; then shake well and drink. The amount of liquid you use to mix the drink varies depending on which product you use, so check the label. Use it before or after a workout or as a snack between meals to make sure you're getting enough protein every day.


If you don't want to deal with mixing multiple powdered drinks while you're on the go, some Isopure drinks are pre-mixed and ready to drink. Like the powdered version, these are available in a variety of flavors and options. Isopure drinks are available in zero-carb, coconut water, sugar-free, high-protein and tea with caffeine options. Depending on the variety you choose, you'll consume anywhere from 20 to 53 grams of protein per serving.


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Cost and Value of Isopure

One 3-pound tub of Isopure provides 42 scoops of protein powder for $35 to $45, depending on which variety you buy. This breaks down to around $1 per scoop, or four to five cents per gram of protein. At this price, it is similar to other options on the market and is relatively affordable. Isopure also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, E and K and magnesium, copper, potassium and chromium.


Many competing proteins on the market are made with a blend of whey and casein protein. Some may include other sources of protein such as egg, pea, hemp or brown rice. Not all will feature isolate because it is more expensive than concentrate. When you consider that Ispopure protein also behaves like a daily multivitamin, it adds value for many consumers.




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