Does Diet Soda Cause Frequent Urination?

The caffeine in some sodas may cause increased urination.
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Frequent urination can be an embarrassing condition to contend with. Urgency, and sometimes pain, may accompany an increased urination frequency. It may be the result of a serious condition or a temporary one that can be treated with prescription medication. Log your experiences and note other important pieces of information, such as foods and beverages or medications you consumed, before the onset of your symptoms. You may discover your beloved diet soda is the culprit behind your urinary problems.


Quantity of Soda

If you frequently drink diet sodas, you may be overloading your bladder. It stretches to accommodate liquids you drink, but can only hold so much. If you consume more than your bladder can tolerate, it compensates by increasing your urine frequency. In extreme cases, you may experience urinary incontinence, or urine leakage.

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Caffeine naturally occurs in 60 plants, which are used in many commercial products. Caffeine is in coffee beans, tea leaves and cacao pods, which are used to make chocolate. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, approximately 80 percent of adult Americans consume 200 milligrams of caffeine daily. That's equivalent to one to two 5-ounce cups of coffee and is considered moderate caffeine use. Caffeine is also in many regular and diet sodas and has been shown to increase urine frequency because it stimulates the bladder. Its ability to increase urination is why diuretic manufacturers sometimes include in their products.


Bladder Irritants

Frequent urination may be caused by bladder irritants, and according to the Johns Hopkins Women's Center for Pelvic Health, carbonation, such as that in diet sodas, is one such irritant. You will urinate more after drinking a carbonated diet soda than you would if you drank a non-carbonated beverage. Other bladder irritants include artificial sweeteners -- used in all diet sodas -- spices and acids.



If it appears you have an increased urine output due to the diet soda you drink, switch to other drinks. Drink a refreshing glass of cold ice water. The body is 66 percent water and needs water to maintain fluid balance in which the body's systems work and interact in sync. Fruit juices, though sometimes high in sugar, provide vitamins and nutrients that sodas do not. If you must have diet soda, reduce how much you drink or switch to caffeine-free diet sodas.




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