How to Lose Pounds by Eating Fruit for Lunch

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The best way to stay healthy is to eat a diet filled with diverse, fresh plant foods, including fruit, according to the Healthy Eating Pyramid created by the Harvard School of Public Health. Many fruits are high in dietary fiber but low in calories. Eating fruit for lunch and maintaining a healthy diet for your other meals provide a sound foundation for a well-rounded weight loss plan.


Step 1

Select fresh fruit. Packaged fruit juices, smoothies and fruit snacks often have additives like honey or fruit juice concentrate, both of which add calories without adding nutritional value.

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Step 2

Start your lunch with unsweetened grapefruit or grapefruit juice to regulate your digestion.

Step 3

Eat other high-fiber fruits for lunch. Consume pears, apples and berries for a significant amount of dietary fiber and water content.

Step 4

Prepare fruit with other low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods. At lunch and throughout your day, include vegetables, herbs, spices, unsweetened whole grains and legumes. Nuts and seeds are healthful garnishes for fruit; consume them in moderation.

Step 5

Pay attention while you eat. Focus on your food. Chew each bite thoroughly and sip water between bites, giving your body a chance to register that it is full.


Do daily aerobic activities to accelerate your weight loss.


Do not consume a diet consisting only of fruit. Eat a balanced diet that includes choices from all the major food groups to ensure you receive essential nutrients.

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