24-Hour Fat Flush Diet

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As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The 24-hour fat-flush diet is a holiday detox diet created by Anne Louise Gittleman, a holistic nutritionist and author. She states on her website that you can lose 5 pounds, melt fat and flush your body of all the harmful toxins you consumed on Christmas in 24 hours. While you might be able to lose weight on a 24-hour juice diet, you may have trouble keeping it off.


About the Diet

The 24-hour fat flush created by Gittleman is meant to help you lose the weight you gained over the holidays. During the 24-hour period, the only thing you consume is a holiday detox juice blend and Gittleman's signature lemon water. The juice recipe includes cranberry, orange and pomegranate juice, water, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. According to the website, the acids and vitamin C in the juice help your body emulsify fat, while the juices help your liver detox from your holiday indulgences.


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How You Lose

If you've just been binging on high-sodium holiday foods such as ham, stuffing and mashed potatoes, you are likely retaining more water than usual. The 24-hour fat flush is a 300-calorie diet made up mostly of water. This very-low-calorie diet helps you lose the extra water weight, not fat. If you want to lose excess fat, it's better to lose it slowly at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds a week.


Not a Detox

Gittleman says her 24-hour fat-flush diet helps you rid your body of holiday toxins. There is no scientific proof that supports the claim that a juice drink improves your body's natural abilities to rid itself of toxic substances, according to the KidsHealth website. Unless they're diseased, your liver and kidneys rid your body of harmful, toxic substances through urine, feces and sweat daily. Eating a healthy diet high in fiber and low in fat can help your body continue to detox itself naturally by keeping your liver and kidneys in good working order.


Diet Risks

Restricting your calories to such extremes, even if only for 24 hours, comes with risks. On her website, Gittleman warns that you may feel light-headed on the 24-hour diet. You may also feel less energetic. Additionally, following very-low-calorie diets puts your body in a state of starvation, and your metabolism may slow down to conserve energy. If your goal is weight loss, you may be making it harder for yourself. These types of diets are not recommended for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease. A healthy way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and be more active, says FamilyDoctor.org. Eating regular, portion-controlled meals with healthy foods from all the food groups can help you lose weight safely.




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