Can Men Lose Hip Fat?

Aerobic exercises such as running can help you lose your hip fat.
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For men, hip fat might not show up when you're lounging around the house in your athletic shorts on the weekend, but it can quickly become an issue when it's time to squeeze into your dress pants for work. You can't find an exercise that exclusively helps you bid farewell to this excess fat, but it's still possible to slim up your hips through a regimen of exercise and diet.

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Say Goodbye to Hip Fat

Spot reduction, a concept that would you have believe you can target specific parts of your body for fat loss, is a myth. Losing body fat is the result of sustaining a caloric deficit. You achieve this deficit when your body consumes fewer calories than it uses for energy. It's easiest to reach this phase by making positive changes to your workout regimen and diet; typically, a reduction in your intake of calories and an increase in your aerobic and strength-training workouts are ideal. Use aerobic exercises such as jogging and cycling to burn calories and boost your metabolism through strength-training activities such as crunches, pushups and lifting weights.



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