The Best Way to Melt Hershey's Chocolate Bars in a Pan

Melting chocolate requires low heat and patience while the chocolate slowly melts.
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Most chocolate has a low melting point that can cause it to melt on your kitchen counter on a warm summer's day. This makes it easy to melt down chocolate bars when you want to use it for other recipes. According to The Hershey Company, Hershey's chocolate bars can melt at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so finding a way to heat them usually isn't difficult. Of greater importance is protecting the chocolate from high heat that can burn and ruin your chocolate. Cooking on low heat is the key, even if it takes awhile for the chocolate to fully melt.


Step 1

Break the bars into smaller chunks -- this will help them heat faster, and you will be able to stir the chunks in the bowl as they melt.

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Step 2

Place the chunks of chocolate into a heat-proof bowl.

Step 3

Place a small amount of water into a skillet or frying pan. Put the pan on medium-low heat, or just until the water starts to slowly simmer.


Step 4

Place the bowl of chocolate into the simmering water and allow the bowl to heat up. Stir the chocolate occasionally.

Step 5

Continue heating the chocolate and stirring until it becomes melted and smooth, then remove the bowl from the pan.

Things You'll Need

  • Hershey's chocolate bar

  • Heat-proof bowl

  • Pan or skillet

  • Water

  • Stirring spoon


Be patient with your chocolate and give the bowl time to heat up. Cooking at too high a heat can burn the chocolate.

Do not let water get into the chocolate. Make sure your stirring spoon is completely dry. Water can cause the chocolate to seize up, causing it to turn hard and grainy and lose its creamy texture.

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