Frontal Lobe Enhancing Exercises

Thinking, behavior and emotion control, planning and creativity are all functions regulated by the frontal lobe of your brain. These functions are activated and can be strengthened when you do exercises like ballet, tae kwon do, ping pong and Zumba -- exercises that use the frontal lobe. For example, tae kwon do enhances control of behavior and emotions. You learn to stay calm while performing precise movements during the naturally stressful experience of fighting.

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Ballet Stimulates Consciousness

Ballet strengthens the consciousness function of the frontal lobe by requiring complex thinking. Ballet dancers must learn and remember complicated choreography while directing their muscles to perform difficult movements at exactly the right time and tempo. Ballet is a mentally stimulating exercise that expands and strengthens the neurological pathways in the brain, according to artistic director Amber Shriver in an article for My Mental Health Day. In other words, the connections between your frontal lobe and the other regions of your brain are enhanced when you use your mind to control your body.

Tae Kwon Do Takes Control

The ancient, Korean, martial art form Tae Kwon Do consists of mentally disciplined fighting movements of the hands and feet -- kicking and punching. This exercise strengthens the frontal lobe by teaching you mental, emotional and behavioral self-control. Tae Kwon Do breathing techniques and intense physical training strengthen the emotional and physical control areas of the frontal lobe. The experience of defending yourself in an attack situation improves your ability to stay calm and act appropriately under pressure.

Planning for Ping Pong

Ping pong, or table tennis, is a racquet sport between two players. It may look easy, but fast mental skills are required in order to win. You must quickly and constantly decide where and how you will return the ball to make the most difficulty for your opponent. This enhances the planning and decision-making function of the frontal lobe. Your power to focus and concentrate is also strengthened by playing ping pong because you must continuously watch the position of your opponent and the ball.

Zumba Enhances Creativity

Zumba enhances the creativity function of the frontal lobe because it gives you the freedom to develop, plan and choreograph your own movements. This high-energy, Latin American-based, total-body, dance workout also stimulates your mind by teaching you new dance steps, choreography and how to coordinate your body to the music. An additional benefit of Zumba is its power to burn significant calories while improving your cardio health. Over 12 million people in 125 countries have experienced the mental and physical benefits of Zumba.

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