Can Caffeine Make You Nauseous?

A steaming cup of coffee in the morning, followed by a mid-day soda, a dark chocolate bar and several cups of tea in the afternoon may all add up to a stomachache and nausea. Caffeine is a stimulant found in a number of beverages and foods. The human body has no need for caffeine and in some cases, it may make you sick.

Limit yourself to three cups of coffee per day.

Effects of Caffeine

Most people tolerate a cup or two of coffee without any ill effects, but in excess, caffeine can cause nausea, according to the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center. To avoid feeling sick, advises MedlinePlus, limit your caffeine consumption to no more than three 8 ounce cups of coffee and five servings of caffeinated tea or diet soda per day. Avoid energy drinks and non-prescription weight loss pills which often have a high caffeine content.


If you give up caffeine, you may experience nausea as a side effect. To reduce withdrawal symptoms, reports MedlinePlus, cut back on your consumption of caffeine gradually over several weeks.

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