How to Keep Macaroni & Cheese Warm in a Crockpot

Macaroni & Cheese served from a crockpot.
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Keep cooked macaroni and cheese warm in a crockpot for serving at a potluck or anytime you need the dish to stay warm for hours. Spraying the crockpot insert with nonstick cooking spray prevents the macaroni from sticking to the insert without adding extra calories and fat. Stirring the food occasionally prevents the macaroni from sticking tightly together into an unappetizing mixture and instead keeps it loose and creamy. Following food safety guidelines and monitoring the temperature of the dish continuously prevents you and your guests from contracting a foodborne illness.


Step 1

Preheat the crockpot on the "Low" or "Warm" setting.

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Step 2

Cook the macaroni and cheese immediately before you place it in the crockpot so it starts out warm and has the freshest taste.

Step 3

Spray the crockpot interior evenly with a nonstick cooking spray to prevent the macaroni from sticking to the crock.

Step 4

Fill the crockpot at least half full, but no more than two-thirds full with the macaroni and cheese.

Step 5

Insert a cooking thermometer into the middle of the macaroni and cheese to make sure it stays consistently a safe temperature of 150 degrees F.

Step 6

Stir the macaroni and cheese every 15 to 30 minutes, or any time you notice the food starting to stick together.

Step 7

Keep the lid on the crockpot when you are not serving or stirring it.

Things You'll Need

  • Nonstick cooking spray

  • Cooking thermometer

  • Spoon


Add pureed vegetables into the macaroni to make it healthier and for an easy way to get your daily dose of vegetables.

Use whole-wheat pasta to increase the fiber and low-fat milk to reduce the fat and calories in this dish.

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