How to Make Your Own Liquid Gel Capsules

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Making your own liquid gel capsules gives you the opportunity to fill the capsules with your choice of liquid herbs or vitamins and know exactly what you're including in your dosage. Traditionally gel capsules are made from bovine skin and bones, but gel capsule are available for the vegetarian. Both gel capsules dissolve to release the herbs or vitamins into your system once ingested. Placing your liquid vitamins and herbs into gel capsules allows you to take these supplements without suffering through unpleasant tastes that could accompany some supplements.


Step 1

Use empty gel capsules large enough to hold your liquid dosage, but small enough if you have trouble with swallowing gel capsules. The larger the capsule, the less you have to ingest to get your full dosage. Gel capsules come in a variety of sizes, and you can purchase them at health food stores or pharmacies.

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Step 2

Pull the two sides of the gel capsule apart. The capsule has one side larger than the other, allowing the smaller side to slip into the larger side.

Step 3

Draw your liquid supplements into a medicine dropper. Place the end of the dropper over the smaller side of the gel capsule.

Step 4

Squeeze the dropper to fill the capsule with liquid. Slide the larger size of the gel capsule over the smaller side to enclose the liquid inside the capsule.

Step 5

Place your filled capsules in an air-tight container to prolong the life of the capsule.

Things You'll Need

  • Empty gel capsules

  • Medicine dropper

  • Air-tight container

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