Can A Thick Girl Tone Up Without Losing Weight?

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Not everyone wants to look like a gaunt fashion model. An exercise routine that includes toning doesn't have to make you too thin. A well-rounded routine can help you strengthen your muscles and retain your weight, especially if you consume a healthy diet that supplies a balanced blend of important nutrients and an adequate amount of calories. Get a physical exam before beginning a new toning routine, especially if you have been inactive for a while.


Increase Lean Body Mass

Women who participate in toning exercises can help increase lean body mass and improve balance and strength. The way your body builds muscle tissue and stores fat depends largely on heredity, although your workout routine also plays a major role in your overall health and physical appearance. The amount of effort you expend during your toning routine will help determine how your workout affects your weight.


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Sculpt and Tone

Although you can't lose or gain fat weight in any one area of your body, resistance exercise can help you sculpt and tone specific parts of your body to a certain extent. For instance, hamstring curls using a resistance machine can help lift and shape your buttocks, while crunches can help flatten and firm your abdominal muscles.

Inexpensive Tools for Toning

Unless you intend to get serious about toning, you don't need to invest in a lot of equipment or pay costly membership fees. A set of resistance bands or a couple of kettlebells are all you need to tone the majority of your muscle groups. These inexpensive pieces of equipment allow you to build your muscle fibers without losing too much weight. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and begin slowly, gradually increasing your effort and the length of your workout as your muscles adjust to your routine.


Maintaining Your Weight

Increasing the amount of calories you burn by adding resistance training to your daily routine will automatically lead to a reduction in weight, unless you balance your calorie intake accordingly. A 155-pound female can expect to burn approximately 224 calories during one hour of weightlifting. Reduce your chances of unintentional weight loss by adding a healthy snack that equals the amount of calories you burn while toning.




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