Healthy STRONGER Snacks Under 200 Calories

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Pan roasted Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes with Feta
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Looking to lose weight without giving up your snack habit? Check out these 16 delicious, low-calorie snacks that are incredibly easy to make and will help you lose weight quickly! They’ve all been created by nationally recognized nutritionist, author and LIVESTRONG.COM blogger Keri Glassman. We’ve tried them all, and they’re delicious! Plus, they’ll help you get lean. Read on to see all the recipes.

1. Simply Sweet Potato Fries

Healthy Homemade Baked Orange Sweet Potato Fries with fresh cream
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Try this great alternative to French fries without the excess fat and calories. Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice one sweet potato into thin strips and toss with two teaspoons of olive oil, salt and pepper. Place them on a parchment paper-lined pan or cookie sheet and bake for 10 to 12 minutes. If you like your fries extra crunchy, leave them in for an additional minute.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Simply Sweet Potato Fries

2. Raspberry and Greek Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt with chia seeds, walnuts and raspberries
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Did you know that many ready-made parfaits available in stores are filled with sugar? For a healthier and lighter version, try making your own at home. In a bowl, mix 3/4 cup of plain low-fat Greek yogurt with one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Then layer one cup of fresh or frozen raspberries and the yogurt into a clear glass cup and garnish with a couple of mint leafs.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Raspberry and Greek Yogurt Parfait

3. Caper Spread

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Most creamy spreads are full of fat. But this one uses low-fat Greek yogurt as a base, so you get plenty of protein. In a bowl, mix one teaspoon of capers, half a celery stalk (chopped), half of a large carrot (chopped) and a half cup low-fat Greek yogurt. You can enjoy it alone, spread it over a multigrain toast or two high-fiber crackers.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Caper Spread

4. Sweet Slaw

Fresh Cole slaw with pumpkin, flax, sesame seeds
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You can never go wrong with slaw, and this one is great as a snack or a side dish. Mix a half cup of shredded red cabbage, four shredded carrots, 10 almonds and one teaspoon of rice vinegar in a bowl.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Sweet Slaw

5. Seaweed Tofu Wrap

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If you love sushi then you'll love our sushi-inspired wrap. Mix half a cup of shredded red cabbage with one tablespoon of sesame oil. Then, on a sheet of seaweed, place firm tofu and some cabbage and roll it up to make a sushi roll. If you're preparing this to go, try wetting the edge of the seaweed sheet to help it stay wrapped. If you prefer a crunchier roll, skip the water and prepare to eat on the spot.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Seaweed Tofu Wrap

6. Cinnamon Almond Spread

Apples with yogurt
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When it comes to spreads, healthy options can be a bit limited, so we went ahead and created a brand new one. In a small bowl, mix 10 chopped almonds and a half cup of low-fat cottage cheese and sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon. You can enjoy it alone or spread it over a multigrain toast or a sliced apple.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Cinnamon Almond Spread

7. Peanut Butter Yogurt Mash

Peanut-butter banana oat smoothie close up, downward view
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Move over fruity parfait, the yummiest protein-packed yogurt snack is here. With almost 10 grams of protein and less than 150 calories, this tastes more like a treat than a healthy snack. Choose your favorite brand of low-fat Greek yogurt and place a quarter cup in a small bowl, add a quarter cup of bran cereal, and then top it off with two teaspoons of natural peanut butter. For additional crunch choose a chunkier peanut butter or even better, make your own.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Peanut Butter Yogurt Mash

8. Sweet and Creamy Pear

Pears (selective focus)
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Dessert under 150 calories? Yes, please! Cut one pear into slices, spread two tablespoons of ricotta cheese over the slices and sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. Tip: If you're a fan of warm desserts, warm up your sliced pear in the microwave or a skillet until it’s a little soft.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Sweet and Creamy Pear

9. Dijon Jicama Salad Snack

APPLE, MINT AND JICAMA SLAW. A harvest of apple flavor
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Mix things up and try adding some jicama to your repertoire of veggies. If you’ve never tried it before, think of it as a Mexican turnip. Peel and chop a quarter of a jicama into small cubes, add two teaspoons of rice vinegar, two teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil and one teaspoon of Dijon mustard for a delicious and crunchy snack.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Dijon Jicama Salad Snack

10. Blueberry Flaxseed Yogurt

Fresh blueberries yogurt
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Did you have breakfast really early and now lunch is nowhere near in sight? Or maybe you just need a mid-afternoon snack. Then this is a great, yummy and easy-to-make snack. With more than 12 grams of protein, it’s sure to keep you satisfied. In a small bowl, mix a half cup plain low-fat Greek yogurt, a quarter cup fresh blueberries and sprinkle it with two teaspoons of ground flaxseed. The wholesome trio of ingredients is packed with antioxidants, protein and omega3s.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Blueberry Flaxseed Yogurt

11. Cucumber and Avocado Salsa

avocado salad
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A refreshing and lighter alternative to traditional guacamole and other more fattening dips. In a small container, mix a half of a peeled and chopped cucumber, a quarter of an avocado and a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice. Enjoy it with carrots, celery, snap peas, bell peppers or even a couple of multigrain baked pita chips.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Cucumber and Avocado Salsa

12. Cranberry Soy Yogurt

cranberry sauce Greek yogurt parfait
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A dairy-free spin to fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. With only 121 calories, this easy-to-make, low-calorie snack is a great option to help you satisfy your sweet tooth or give you a quick boost of energy. Choose your favorite brand of plain soy yogurt and mix 3/4 cup of the yogurt with one tablespoon of dried cranberries. You can prepare multiple small containers ahead of time to grab them on the go.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Cranberry Soy Yogurt

13. Mediterranean Tomato and Goat Cheese

Tomato and Mozzarella Caprese
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Sweet and savory and perfect for summer. Slice one ripe tomato, sprinkle it with one ounce of crumbled goat cheese and drizzle it with one teaspoon of fig vinegar. If you can’t find fig vinegar, you can use balsamic vinegar instead.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Mediterranean Tomato and Goat Cheese

14. Mini Mexican Pizzas

Tomato appetiser
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We believe you can give a healthy spin to almost anything. If you're in the mood for something a little savory and zesty, try making these crunchy mini Mexican pizzas with two high-fiber crackers, two tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese and top them off with two tablespoons of salsa. To add more heat, choose a spicy salsa and/or add hot sauce!


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Mini Mexican Pizzas

15. Healthy Deviled Egg

Healthy Deviled Eggs as an Appetizer
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Whoever said deviled eggs weren’t a healthy snack hasn't tried our version. This tasty mayo-free version still delivers on creaminess. Proceed as you would normally to make one deviled egg, but for the yolk mixture, combine one yolk, one tablespoon of plain low-fat Greek yogurt, one teaspoon of chives and 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice. Put the mix into the center of the egg and sprinkle with paprika.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Healthy Deviled Egg

16. Natural Nachos

Tomato salsa
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Get your Mexican food fix with these natural nachos! At only 80 calories, it’s a great afternoon pick-me-up. If you eat two servings, it's perfect to fuel up before a workout with complex carbs that'll give you the energy to put in 100 percent. Just grab half of a whole-wheat tortilla, cut it into quarters and enjoy them with salsa. For extra crunch, try baking the tortilla in the oven at 350 degrees for a couple of minutes.


Recipe & Nutritional Info: Natural Nachos

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What's your favorite healthy snack? Have you tried any of these recipes? Do you think you will? If you do, let us know what you think! Have you signed up for the STRONGER Challenge yet? If not, check out the Facebook group below! And be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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100 Calorie Protein Snacks

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Looking to lose weight without giving up your snack habit? Check out these 16 delicious, low-calorie snacks that are incredibly easy to make and will help you lose weight quickly! They’ve all been created by nationally recognized nutritionist, author and LIVESTRONG.COM blogger Keri Glassman. We’ve tried them all, and they’re delicious! Plus, they’ll help you get lean. Read on to see all the recipes.


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