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Jen Selter's 8 On-the-Go Moves for Your Best Booty Ever

author image Jen Selter
Jen gained notoriety in the fitness community from her Instagram account. But she's always been active. Fitness became a big part of her life when she worked at a gym right after high school. It motivated her to make more time to get to the gym every day. Now she shares her booty workouts and fitness motivation with #JenSelterChallenge and #Seltering. Her social media presence has landed her features in Elle, FHM, Muscle & Fitness, Vanity Fair and Maxim magazines.

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Jen Selter's 8 On-the-Go Moves for Your Best Booty Ever
Here are 8 of Jen Selter's favorite moves for getting a bootylicious backside. Photo Credit: Gracie Wilson/LIVESTRONG.COM

We all want a bootylicious backside. But I’m a firm believer in working out not only for aesthetic goals, but also to make yourself actually feel good. And your glutes (aka your booty) are the biggest muscles in your body, so strengthening them has a ripple effect throughout your entire body.

Exercises like squats and lunges that target the glutes also work the muscles along your hips and knees. So here are eight of my favorite moves for your butt that I’ve done for years and popularized on my Instagram (@jenselter). You can do them anywhere and at anytime in a gym, at home or on the go! Do them in two-movement supersets or Tabata-style to jack up your heart rate.

1. Lunges
Lunges Photo Credit: Jen Selter

1 Lunges

The lunge is such a versatile exercise. (Stay tuned for another lunge variation at the end!) Sometimes I like to amp up my lunges by adding a pulse and a squeeze at the bottom for an extra burn.

HOW TO DO THEM: Start standing. Step forward with your right foot a few feet and bend both knees to 90 degrees. Step your left foot to meet your right. Keep walking forward and alternating legs. Or, if space is limited, you can step forward and back with the right leg, then repeat the movement with the left.

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2. Squats
Squats Photo Credit: Jen Selter

2 Squats

When it comes to a great booty workout, I love all the different variations of squats. There’s simply no other move that’s as effective for your butt. I always make sure to contract my glutes when coming back up.

HOW TO DO THEM: Start standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and feet turned slightly outward. Hinge your hips back and bend your knees like you’re sitting in a chair behind you. Lower yourself as far as you can, keeping your chest up (until your thighs are parallel to the floor). Squeeze your glutes and stand back up and repeat.

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3. Fire Hydrants
Fire Hydrants Photo Credit: Jen Selter

3 Fire Hydrants

For this exercise, try thinking of yourself as if you are a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. (Weird, I know, but just go with it.) I to count to five when lowering my leg to the starting position. Keeping it slow and controlled means you’re going to fatigue your muscles more quickly, and that leads to greater results.

HOW TO DO THEM: Start on all fours and lift your knee out to the side till it’s parallel to your hip. Slowly lower back to the start and repeat.

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4. Donkey Kicks
Donkey Kicks Photo Credit: Jen Selter

4 Donkey Kicks

You could breeze through this move like you’re doing Jazzercise, but if you add ankle weights, you’ll make it more challenging and see results more quickly.

HOW TO DO THEM: Again, start on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Engage your glutes and lift your knee behind you as high as you can with your knee still bent. Slowly lower back to the start and repeat.

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5. Kick Backs
Kick Backs Photo Credit: Jen Selter

5 Kick Backs

This is such a great movement to work your abs and your glutes (basically, your entire core) at the same time. Just like with the previous two moves, don’t rush through it. Make everything slow and controlled.

HOW TO DO THEM: Start on all fours. Kick your right foot back behind you as you reach your left hand out in front of you. Lift until your hand and foot are fully extended. Slowly lower back to the start. Repeat all the reps on one side before switching sides.

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6. Standing Kick Backs
Standing Kick Backs Photo Credit: Jen Selter

6 Standing Kick Backs

As a variation of the previous exercise, this one is even easier to do anywhere. All you need is a wall. For a better burn, squeeze at the top of this move and try to incorporate a cable machine at the gym.

HOW TO DO THEM: Stand with your hands braced against the wall, your feet under your hips and your torso leaning slightly forward. Squeeze your booty and lift your leg straight out behind you. Slowly lower back to start. Repeat all the reps on one side before switching sides.

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7. Glute Bridges
Glute Bridges Photo Credit: Jen Selter

7 Glute Bridges

This is by far one of my favorite exercises. I always add weights in my hip crevice to make it more challenging. But if you do it without weights, it’s an extremely effective, no-impact move.

HOW TO DO THEM: Lie on your back with your arms at your side, your knees bent and feet by your butt. Press into your arms and feet to lift your butt and back off the floor. Your back should be in a straight line. Squeeze your glutes at the top and lower back down to the start.

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8. Curtsy Lunges
Curtsy Lunges Photo Credit: Jen Selter

8 Curtsy Lunges

Get ready! I usually find these the hardest, so I save them for last. Staying low during the entire exercise really takes it up a notch.

HOW TO DO THEM: Start in a squat (see the first exercise). Hold your hands out in front of you as a counterbalance. Transfer your weight into your right foot as you lift your left leg behind you. Perform a curtsy with your left foot to the outside of your right foot (while still staying low). Step your left foot back to the start and repeat on the left side.

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What Do YOU Think?
What Do YOU Think? Photo Credit: Jen Selter

What Do YOU Think?

What are your favorite booty moves? Were any of them on this list? What other ones do you do? What’s your main motivation for working out? Are you after a tighter, more toned booty, or do you work out to feel stronger and more confident? Share your suggestions and stories in the comments below!

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