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8 Top Essential Oils for Your Health

Essential oils not only have a lovely aroma, but many also have health benefits. Here are 8 essential oils that can improve your ...

Aromatherapy for Sinuses

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that can cause painful headaches and tenderness in the face. To help decongest the sin...

Eucalyptus Oil for Chest Congestion in Infants

Home remedies can be just as effective as prescribed or over-the-counter medications when it comes to treating a baby's sniffl...

Signs & Symptoms of Peppermint Oil Overdose

Peppermint oil, also referred to as menthol, has several medicinal uses. This herbal remedy provides headache, pain and nausea rel...

Essential Oils for Men

Essential oils and aromatherapy are often regarded as a woman's domain, thanks to the prevalence of scented soaps and lotions ...

Negative Effects of Aromatherapy

If you’ve ever used essential oil aromatherapy to get rid of your headache, calm an upset stomach or clear up a case of athl...

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to bring about relaxation and treat health problems. Aromatherapy practitioners believe th...

The Best Disinfecting Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only useful for their enticing scents, many of them also can be used as natural alternatives to chemical di...

Essential Oils for Itching

Essential oils are oils extracted from a plant source. Common types of plants that yield essential oils include herbs, flowers, tr...

Thieves Essential Oil Benefits

“Thieves oil” essential oil blends may be marketed as proprietary formulas today, but herbalists have passed along rec...
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