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Avoid Weight Gain

Ways to Prevent Weight Gain While on Your Period

Hormonal fluctuations before and during your period can seemingly wreak havoc on your intentions to stay fit and eat healthy. Mont...

Why Do Some People Gain Weight Faster Than Others?

Your best friend seems to eat everything in sight but never gain a pound, while you look at a slice of cake and start packing on p...

Will Soy Protein Powder Cause Weight Gain?

When it comes to protein supplements, dairy proteins like whey and casein tend to get the most attention. But they're not the ...

Why Do I Weigh More on the Scale Today Even After Exercising?

Weighing in immediately following exercise or even the morning after a workout can give you a false sense of the effects of exerci...

I Am Exercising & Eating Right, Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Significant weight loss means making lifestyle changes that will last for the rest of your life, so it can be incredibly frustrati...

Can Too Much Exercise and a Lack of Calories Cause Weight Gain?

Although weight loss occurs when you reduce your calorie intake and burn more calories, creating too large of a deficit can actual...

Why Do You Gain Weight When You Exercise and Cut Calories?

You're seemingly doing everything right -- trimming portion sizes and exercising regularly -- but your body just won't let...

Can Skipping Breakfast Cause You to Gain Weight?

While conventional wisdom suggests you eat breakfast daily -- no matter what -- you don't necessarily need a morning meal to a...

How to Avoid 4 Common Weight-Gain Traps

The never-ending fight against weight gain sometimes seems like a lost battle. One minute you're devastating the competition -...

Foods to Keep You Full Without Gaining Weight

If you get the munchies soon after eating, you are probably choosing the wrong kinds of food. Refined carbohydrates quickly turn t...
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