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Nutritional Value of Bagels

Bagels are a cousin of the pretzel thought to originate in the 1600s in Poland. Made from yeast-leavened dough that is hand-rolle...

Nutrition Information on Bagels and Whitefish Salad

Bagels and whitefish salad is a classic deli sandwich for good reason. The chewy bagel makes the perfect foil for the creamy, smok...

Caffeinated Bagels Mean You Can Now Skip Your Morning Coffee

Epstein Bros. Bagels has come out with the "Espresso Buzz Bagel," complete with the caffeine kick of a third of a cup of regular c...

Blueberry Bagel Nutrition Information

A bagel is a type of bread made from yeasted wheat dough. The baker forms the dough into the shape of a large doughnut and boils i...

Calories in a Whole Wheat Bagel With Cream Cheese

A whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese makes a filling and satisfying breakfast, but it works for a quick lunch as well. Besides it...

Fat Grams in a Bagel

Your body uses fat to stay warm, protect your vital organs, absorb nutrients and make important hormones. A little goes a long wa...

Is a Bagel a Healthy Breakfast Food?

Breakfast can help you control your weight, be more productive throughout the morning and give you a better chance of meeting your...

Bagel Nutrition Information

A bagel can be a treat from a coffee shop, a dependable refreshment during morning meetings at work or a snack at other times duri...

What Are the Benefits of Whole-Wheat Bagels?

Whole-wheat bagels are a healthy option for breakfast and can also be piled with lean meat and vegetables for a nutritious lunch o...

How to Reheat Stale Bagels

Bagels are a breakfast staple, although the best bagels are made with few preservatives and can lose their freshness quickly. It ...
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