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Can You Bake Donuts Without a Donut Pan?

Homemade donuts let you bring this favorite treat home, and if you skip the fryer in favor of the oven, you can keep the fat and c...

How to Grease a Baking Pan for Pizza Dough

Pizza just isn't pizza without a crust that is crispy on the outside and soft and bread-like on the inside. You achieve this p...

How to Keep Brownies From Getting Hard Around the Edge of the Pan

Fannie Merritt Farmer edited the first brownie recipe in the 1906 edition of "The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book," acco...

How to Freeze Manicotti

Large pastas such as manicotti freeze well, providing the convenience of preparing manicotti ahead of time. If you make your mani...

How to Deep Fry Breaded Chicken Breasts

When breaded chicken breasts are deep-fried, the result is moist, flavorful chicken with a light, crispy outer coating. An old-fa...

Light Baking Pan vs. Dark Baking Pan

Whether to choose light baking pans or dark baking pans comes down mostly to personal preference. Vintage pans are usually dark to...

How to Braise Sirloin

Braising is a low-fat method of slow-cooking tender cuts of meat with liquid to make them fork tender. Sirloin steaks and roasts a...

Can You Use a Frying Pan As a Baking Pan?

Frying pans or skillets are typically used to saute, pan-fry or sear foods. Certain situations may lead you to use a frying pan fo...

How to Change the Temperature to Bake for Different Pan Sizes

Whether you are baking a cake, brownies or other types of sweet treats, making substitutions while baking can be tricky. But subst...

How to Bake Pan-Seared Breaded Chicken

A slightly healthier alternative to deep fried chicken is baked, pan-seared chicken. Searing or pan frying the chicken gives a nic...
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