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Beauty Basics

Proper Care & Washing of Nylon Panties

Nylon is a strong, synthetic fabric used by many manufacturers to make undergarments thanks to its elasticity. The material is ver...

What Is the Correct Way to Wear a Bolo Tie?

A bolo tie, also known as a bola or shoestring tie, is produced by the braiding of sturdy cord or leather strips, with both ends o...

How to Hide a Nose Ring at Work

Body art in the form of tattoos and piercings has quickly gained popularity over the past thirty years. Decorating your body in th...

How to Hand Sew a Tear in Pants

Pants are some of the most expensive garments in your wardrobe, so when your favorite pair rips, you're naturally reluctant to...

What Is the Correct Way to Iron a Man's Long-Sleeve Dress Shirt?

For many men, slipping on a freshly pressed dress shirt starts the day off right. A well-pressed shirt is key to a professional ap...

How to Get Grease Out of a Down Coat

When the temperatures drop, many pull out their trusty down coat to stay warm and cozy. Down is the layer of plush, insulating fea...

How to Put Dreads in a Bun

Dreadlocks are long ropes of hair made by knotting individual sections and allowing them to harden over a period of months. Althou...

Face Mask for a Swollen Face

Lack of sleep, stress, hormone imbalances or overdoing it on the soy sauce the night before can cause us to wake up with a bloated...

How to Put on a String Bikini

Bikinis come in different styles but the smallest and most challenging to wear is a string bikini. The string bikini offers little...

How to Attach a Body Board Cord

Whether you're not quite ready for the length of a surfboard or you just like lying down while riding the waves, the "boo...
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