Bipolar Disorder

Bowl of yogurt with nuts and berries
Close-up of a young woman sleeping on a blue furry rug
Cute little  boy catching and playing with pigeons in city
Three young women gathered by dinner table, drinking red wine
Man leaning against window sill, three quarter length
Coloured MRI Scan Of Human Brain
A man's face
Doctor checking blood pressure of elderly male patient (blue tone)
Man Having Counselling Session
Man Sits on a Tiled Floor Leaning on a Wall Holding a Cup
Close-up head shot of depressed woman
A teen girl smiles looks over her shoulder while leaning on her arms against a wall.
Sad girl in car
Woman standing in doorway of home, rear view
Teenage girl looking thoughtful about troubles
Cup of coffee
conversation with a therapist
Doctor holding a MRI scan
Close-up of a woman's hand as she rests on a couch and looks up.
Young woman looking trough window
Pensive female sitting on sofa and looking out of window