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Bone Health

Can Wearing Copper Improve Your Health or Is It a Hoax?

According to various claims, wearing copper can provide a wealth of benefits — including easing arthritic soreness, preventing a...

The Flat Bones in the Human Body

Five types of bones make up the human skeleton: flat bones, long bones, short bones, irregular bones and sesamoid bones. Flat bone...

Running & Your Bone Density

Bone density is a measurement of the mineral content inside your bones. Individuals with a high bone mineral content tend to have ...

How to Roast a Shank Bone for Passover

A roasted lamb shank bone, known as the zeroa (also spelled zeroah or z'roah), is placed on the seder plate at Passover. It sy...

Does Weightlifting Stimulate Bone Growth?

Think of a bone in your body like a wooden stick -- the larger and denser the stick, the harder it is to break. As you age, howeve...

Major Bones of the Skeletal System

The bones of the human body allow us to move from place to place and provide protection to other organs. Some bones also produce b...

Foods You Can Eat If You Have Gout

Gout, a form of arthritis that occurs when high uric acid blood levels cause crystals to form around a joint, is partially connect...

How Does Exercise Increase Bone Density?

The adult human body is comprised of 206 bones. These bones provide us with a rigid support structure that, along with the actions...

What Is a Bone Lesion?

Bone tissue is constantly being remodeled and repaired by the body. Various disorders can damage bones and result in bone lesions....

What Is Bilateral Hallux Valgus Deformity?

Hallux valgus foot deformities -- commonly called bunions -- are often painful and may eventually affect your ability to walk. The...
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