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Broken Bones

Diet for Healing a Broken Ankle

A broken ankle occurs when too much pressure is applied to one of the several small bones that compromise your ankle joint. Once y...

Exercising with a Broken Leg

You may think that having a broken leg puts a stop to your fitness, but you don't have to lose hard-earned muscle and enduranc...

When Can You Go Back to Normal Activities After a Broken Finger?

Since your finger has 14 bones, it may seem that a break in one shouldn't affect you much. But you need all of your finger bon...

The Best Foods for Healing Broken Bones

Many people break a bone at one time in their lives, whether as a child on the playground, as an adult in an accident or in old ag...

Symptoms of a Broken Fibula

The fibula is a bone in the leg located between the knee and ankle joints that runs in parallel to the larger tibia, or shin bone....

Chinese Remedies for Broken Bones

You can help promote the healing of broken bones with the use of many complementary therapies within Traditional Chinese Medicine....

What Are the Treatments for a Broken Sternum?

Fractures of the sternum -- the bone that attaches to the first seven ribs to you collar bone -- occur most frequently from blunt ...

Symptoms of a Broken Sternum

A sternal fracture is a cracked or broken sternum often caused by trauma -- commonly seen in vehicle accidents when the steering w...

Running & Collarbone Pain

Your collarbone is also known as a clavicle. Pain in your collarbone while you run is a sign of damage to the bone. This damage co...

Can You Play Football with a Fractured Finger?

Finger fractures are common in athletes. The injured finger is typically splinted for 2 to 3 weeks while the bone heals. However, ...
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