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Contact Lenses

Problems With Multifocal Contact Lenses

Wearing multifocal contact lenses gives individuals the ability to focus through different strength prescriptions, but through the...

List of Eye Disorders As a Result of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can cause a variety of eye disorders, depending on the type of contact lens worn, cleaning solutions, hygiene, fit ...

Contact Lens Overwear Symptoms

Contact lens overwear syndrome occurs when contact lenses are worn for too long. In contact lens wearers, the amount of oxygen tha...

How Does Sleeping With Contacts Cause Pink Eye

Pink eye, the more common term for conjunctivitis, is the inflammation or infection of the eyelids. Contact-wearers are at a great...

Law on Old Prescription Eyeglasses

Federal law mandates that an eye doctor must give patients a copy of their valid eyeglass prescription. According to the Federal ...

How Do I Prevent Protein Buildup on My Contact Lenses?

Protein buildup is a common problem with soft and hard contact lenses. Buildup can usually be seen in the form of white or cloudy ...

Issues with Soft Contact Lens Tearing

Of the 24 million Americans who wear contact lenses, about 80 percent wear soft lenses, according to the Ohio State University M...

Contact Lenses for Football Players

Contact lenses help athletes see better because the lenses sit right on the eye and provide a more natural field of vision than gl...

Harmful Effects of Xylene

Xylene is a powerful chemical compound that is found in many household and industrial items. This chemical is colorless but has a...

Why We Cannot Wear Contact Lenses When We Sleep

Although some types of contact lenses are made to wear for extended periods of time, most conventional lenses are designed for dai...
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