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Elbow Pain

Causes of Elbow Pain & Tingling Fingers

Causes of Elbow Pain & Tingling Fingers. Elbow pain and tingling fingers can make daily tasks difficult and uncomfortable. The elb...

What Are the Causes of Bilateral Elbow Pain?

According to, elbow pain, including bilateral elbow pain -- simultaneous pain in both elbows -- can be caused by pr...

Right Elbow Pain When Playing Golf

Any motion that repetitively stresses the elbow can potentially cause trauma, and golfing is no exception. The most common cause o...

Elbow Skin Pain

Elbow pain is a common condition that often be attributed to sports or physical activities that require a continuous repetitive be...

Triceps & Elbow Pain

A triceps or elbow injury may result when your elbow is forced to bend while you are actively straightening your arm. An injury ca...

Treatments for Elbow Pain From Weightlifting

It may sound a little odd, but elbow pain associated with weightlifting is often the result of "golfer’s elbow." U...

Elbow Pain After Pull-Ups

The pull-up is one of the ultimate shows of physical fitness, but it can be hard on your joints if done improperly. Think about th...

Elbow Pain After Lifting Weights

Lifting weight can lead to what’s commonly referred to as overuse injuries. Two of the more common are elbow injuries called...

Elbow Pain From Swimming

Swimming is considered an excellent aerobic exercise because it forces you to repeatedly moving large muscles of the body. Howeve...

Arm Wrestling & Elbow Pain

Arm wrestling is an extremely competitive sport that demands enormous pectoral, biceps and deltoid power. Arm wrestling is actuall...
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