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10 Steps of a Spa Facial

While each spa has its own treatment protocols, certain features are common in most professional facials. Meant to cleanse, improv...

Facial Restrictions in Massage Therapy

For thousands of years, people the world over have recognized the health benefits of massage. Mayo Clinic reports that massage, a ...

What Are the Benefits of Aromatherapy Facials?

During an aromatherapy facial, a qualified esthetician analyzes your skin and determines which essential oils will most benefit yo...

Facial and Sinus Pain

Pain felt throughout the face and head is the result of inflamed and swollen sinuses, according to the Mayo Clinic. When the sinus...

Facial Fungus: The Symptoms

Molds, yeasts and fungi all belong to the fungi kingdom. Some of these, including candida albicans and malassezia, commonly resid...

What Are the Treatments for Facial Cellulitis?

Cellulitis is the result of a bacterial infection that occurs in the tissue underneath your skin. This kind of infection generally...

What Are the Treatments for Facial Nerve Damage?

The facial nerve, cranial nerve VII, serves many vital functions. It supports motor function of the facial muscles that allow exp...

Facial Cleansers for Rosacea

A red face is the hallmark of rosacea, a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that can be mistaken for acne, allergy or eczema. Pimp...

How Does Cosmelan Work?

Cosmelan is a topical treatment that is available through dermatologists. The treatment is used to hyper-pigmentation (dark areas ...

What Facial Skin Products Do Not Contain Parabens?

Parabens are preservatives that are commonly found in cosmetics. Over the last several years, however, parabens have been targeted...
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