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Reasons for Abdominal Pain With Fever in Children

Reasons for Abdominal Pain With Fever in Children. When your child is sick, everything else seems secondary. Abdominal pain with f...

Ayurvedic Remedies for a Fever

Ayurvedic remedies for a fever involve careful planning and balancing of your diet to incorporate foods that are rich in vitamins ...

Normal Body Temperature for Infants

In infants from birth to 3 months old, an abnormal temperature--either too low or too high--can be a sign of something serious. A ...

Glandular Fever & Rash

Glandular fever, more commonly known as mononucleosis, is an infectious disease that is transmitted through saliva. This has given...

Which Type of Fever Thermometer for Adults?

Thermometers can measure fever orally, rectally, under the armpit, in the ear and on the forehead. The medical community no longer...

Normal Bladder Capacity in Children

Diapers, potty training and bed-wetting are all common scenes in a child's life. The capacity of your child's bladder changes and ...

Complications of Glandular Fever

Glandular fever or infectious mononucleosis is a type of viral infection that causes fever, sore throat, swollen glands and fatigu...

Normal Body Temperature for Toddlers

The hypothalamus, located in the brain, knows the right temperature for your toddler's body and sets his internal "thermostat" acc...

Fever and Vitamins

Fever is the elevation of body temperature above normal, and it varies from person to person, although “normal” genera...

Body Temperature While Exercising

During exercise your body's system for regulating temperature is kicked up into high gear. Heat production by the body can cau...
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