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6 Super Bowl Ads That Prove Consumers Want a Healthy Lifestyle

Super Bowl ads that focus on food have a habit of being all beer and chips. But this year's selection included products that supp...

Tom Brady's Motivation to Win the Super Bowl Will Melt Your Heart

Tom Brady, The New England Patriots quarterback wanted to win for his mother, who has been battling cancer....

Description of the Game of Football

Football is a dynamic sport that demands peak physical performance and exceptional mental acuity on the part of its players. It is...

How to Play Center in Football

Playing center is one of the most important positions on the offensive line in football. The center starts every play by snapping ...

Touch Football Training Drills

Touch football is a high-paced and physically demanding sport played throughout the United States. Touch football allows the excit...

The Best Training for a Linebacker in Football

Linebacker is the most explosive, reactive and physically demanding position in the game of football. In a single play, a lineback...

How to Play Frisbee Football

Like any sport that evolved from another activity, the rules of Frisbee football are somewhat fluid. Further enhancements to the b...

The Best Youth Football Helmets

All youth football helmets sold within the United States must conform to safety standards set by the National Operating Committee ...

Youth QB Football Drills

When you're leading your team down the field to the end zone, you want to be on top of your game. Whether you're in the NF...

Drills for Football Players to Make Them More Aggressive

Being aggressive in football is a sought-after quality in a player, because it means that the player has what it takes to make con...
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