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How to: A Perfect Round-Off Back Tuck

A gymnast or cheerleader executing a round-off back tuck must combine two separate skills into one smooth tumbling pass. To succes...

How to Do a Cartwheel Back Flip

The cartwheel back flip is a tumbling sequence that you can master with practice and technique. Learning this sequence will improv...

We Can't Believe Olympian Simone Biles Was Fat Shamed by Her Coach

With her new book, “Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance” Simone Biles inspires us with an emotional account o...

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Features America's Heroes

A sneak peek of Olympians Simon Biles and Aly Raisman as they trade leotards for bikinis for the upcoming issue of the Sports Illu...

Basic Tumbling for Beginners

Basic tumbling is used across a range of sports, even those you don't expect. The most obvious are gymnastics, acrobatics and chee...

What Are the Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids?

Children benefit from an active lifestyle and participating in any sport. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that partaki...

Gymnastics Levels for Girls

Female gymnasts compete at 10 levels. Girls in levels one to three are generally considered recreational gymnasts who aren’t...

Balance Beam Activities

With a width of only 4 inches and standing at just about 4 feet above the ground, the balance beam requires precise movements, poi...

List of Gymnastics Equipment

The Olympic Movement officially recognizes women’s and men’s artistic gymnastics, women’s and men’s trampo...

Gymnastic Rings Training

Gymnastic rings are steel or wooden rings 7.1 inches in diameter. According to the International Gymnastics Federation or “F...
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