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Heart Tests

The Ebbeling Treadmill Test

The Ebbeling Treadmill was developed in 1991 as a submaximal walking test to assess volitional oxygen intake, otherwise known as V...

Treadmill Ramp Test Protocol

A variety of treadmill fitness and stress tests are available, but the commonly used treadmill ramp test is the Bruce protocol. It...

The Effects of Caffeine on a Stress Test

Though you don't have to study for a stress test, you should prepare your body as much as possible. A stress test is used to e...

Can You Eat or Drink Before a Treadmill Test?

A treadmill test, also known as an exercise stress test, an exercise tolerance test, an exercise EKG or an exercise electrocardiog...

Treadmills Vs. Chemical Stress Tests

A stress test is a clinical standard often used to detect coronary artery disease. Traditionally, this test is performed on the tr...

What Does a Positive Treadmill Test Tell You?

Stress tests offer medical professionals a means to detect signs that you may have coronary artery disease or an arrhythmia. Analy...

Submaximal Treadmill Test Protocol

The submaximal treadmill test is used to examine the cardiovascular health of athletes and those who may have heart disease. Also ...
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