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Hives Caused by Exercise

Hives -- raised, itchy welts on your skin -- can develop as an allergic reaction to exercise. If exercise-induced hives don't reso...

Chronic Urticaria Diet

Also referred to as chronic hives, chronic urticaria is diagnosed when a case of hives lasts more than six weeks or recurs frequen...

What Causes Breaking Out in Hives?

What Causes Breaking Out in Hives?. Hives occur when specialized immune system cells in the skin, called mast cells, activate. Act...

How to Get Rid of Hives on Your Face

Hives, or urticaria, are raised, pink, itchy bumps that develop on the skin. They usually occur in response to an allergic reactio...

Hives on My Face

Hives are bumps that surface and spread over your body. Hives on the face are more prominent, as they are more difficult to concea...

What to Eat When You Have Hives

Hives, medically termed urticaria, is a condition characterized by raised, reddish welts that suddenly appear on the surface of yo...

Hives When Exercising

If you have hives while exercising, your body may be having an allergic reaction to physical exertion or sweat. In most cases, hi...

Are There Certain Fruits to Avoid with Hives?

Hives, or urticaria, is a skin condition in which raised red welts, also called wheals, appear on the surface of your skin and is ...

How to Make Sun Hives Go Away

Sun hives, or photodermatitis, occur when the skin has an abnormal reaction to sunlight. Several factors can cause sun hives, incl...
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